My Story

Taking pictures is something that happened to me. It is a passion that I have grown into over time and as I have grown, so has my understanding of light, of quirky, unforgettable moments as well as my euphoria in capturing the smallest nano-expressions in the click of a shutter.  In other words, I tell stories with my pictures and I have many stories to tell.


Born in the US and brought up in South Africa, after a fair amount of globe-trotting I have landed in Doha, Qatar. Starting my own family has highlighted the importance of capturing life's fleeting moments that ultimately become memories. It would be my pleasure to tell your story, whether in the comfort of your own home or in one of the exotic locations in and around this vibrant city we all call home. 

I look forward to creating stories with you. 




Capturing natural beauty in natural light, that is where

the magic lies.


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